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Kubernetes Security

Operations Center

The Kubernetes Security Operations Center (KSOC) maps a broad set of cluster components across the Kubernetes lifecycle using a real-time graph, cutting noise by 98% through contextualized risks, highest impact remediations and Kubernetes-first incident response.
Threat Vectors Screenshot
KSOC Threat Vectors Diagram
Real-Time Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) Mobile
KSOC Threat Vectors Diagram
AccessIQ Screenshot

Cloud native identity threat detection

Uncover malicious insiders and attackers trying to access critical cloud infrastructure

  • See risks in the interaction of Cloud IAM and Kubernetes RBAC
  • Find Malicious insiders using valid credentials
  • Use AI to baseline ‘normal’ RBAC behavior via cloud API Audit logs and RBAC configuration
  • Prioritize risk by combining RBAC, misconfigs, image CVEs for the same workload with threat vectors

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Real-time graph explorer - mobile image
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Real-time graph explorer

A connected view of Kubernetes components

  • Real-time, in-cluster components include Kubernetes manifest, RBAC, network, container images
  • eBPF-based runtime component
  • External public cloud agentless component
  • Risk Explorer visualizes and filters a live-stream view of the environment

Get cloud native attack surface visibility

Real-time graph explorer - image
Automated Risk Triage screenshot

Threat Vectors

Cut cloud native security noise by 98%

  • Threat vectors show compound risk in real-time across cluster components
  • Prioritize CVEs based on exploitability in runtime  
  • Real time Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
  • Automated analysis of Kubernetes RBAC over-permissions by subject
  • Understand the risk of any one security finding in the context of other Kubernetes components

Read threat vectors 101

Guardrails and Admission Control - screenshot
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Guardrails and Admission Control

Create and enforce hardened Kubernetes clusters at scale

  • Highest impact remediation tied to top compound risks
  • GitHub Actions CI Workflow to remediate policy or scan for CVEs earlier in the lifecycle
  • Real-time, least privilege recommendations for RBAC and Cloud IAM
  • Admission control that is OPA compatible, with in-cluster policy enforcement and optional 'dry run' mode

Use KSOC with DevSecOps

Guardrails and Admission Control - screenshot
Kubernetes-First Detection and Response screenshot

Kubernetes-First Detection and Response

Get a real-time view of incidents with context across the entire environment

  • See active exploitations and incidents in real-time
  • Historical context across your entire infrastructure
  • Kubernetes, and runtime for quick investigations
  • eBPF-based runtime event detection 

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Compliance and reporting screenshot
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Compliance and Reporting

Get real-time compliance reporting across Kubernetes and the cloud

  • Generate SBOMs for running containers
  • Generate KBOMs for cluster configuration
  • Benchmark against NSA and CIS guidelines and more
  • Generate reports across multiple clusters
  • Share policy reports with platform engineering

See the searchable SBOM

Compliance and reporting screenshot
Kubernetes Native Operations

Kubernetes Native Operations

Seamlessly integrate into the platform team's workflow

  • Extends the Kubernetes API using native components
  • Multi-tier account management
  • Low memory and CPU footprint
  • Uses a combination of in-cluster, runtime and external agentless components
  • 5 minute installation

See EKS installation

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Integrations Icon Mobile


KSOC supports all managed Kubernetes platforms and DIY Kubernetes clusters. Easily connect KSOC to your team’s development, management or security response tools via our public REST API. 

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