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Combating Burnout: Practical Tips for Improving Cloud Native Security Efficiency

Join Dineshwar Sahni, cybersecurity leader, and CEO and Co-Founder of KSOC, Brooke Motta, ...
September 15, 2023 | 12 AM  |  Webinars

K8s isn't a 4-letter word: How to speak Kubernetes security with your dev team

The engineering teams know Kubernetes the best, but it also introduces a broad attack ...
August 23, 2023 | 5 PM  |  Webinars

The Top Five Security Anti-Patterns for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is ridiculously complicated, Docker is full of strange edge cases, and the ...
July 17, 2023 | 2 AM  |  Webinars

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Defender's Guide to Stopping Kubernetes Attacks

Join KSOC co-founder and CTO Jimmy Mesta, and our guest, Principal Security Architect at ...
July 17, 2023 | 2 AM  |  Webinars

Invoca's Journey to Reaching Kubernetes Security Maturity

Invoca is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform for B2C revenue teams using ...
July 14, 2023 | 8 PM  |  Webinars

Pull Request or it didn't Happen: Hardening Kubernetes through GitOps

Analyze your current infrastructure and security posture
June 30, 2023 | 1 PM  |  Webinars