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Does your team need to level up on its offensive and defensive capabilities for Kubernetes in the New Year?

Kick off 2024 right with a Red/Blue teaming workshop led by Jimmy Mesta, CTO and Co-Founder of KSOC. In this two part series you will deploy high severity security risks into a live environment, and walk through the detection as well as the response for each of them. The workshop has two parts:

Part I - installing clusters:

  • Deploy a local cluster as our learning environment using Docker
  • Deploy KSOC onto the cluster

Part II - Red/Blue teaming:

  • Upload a dozen high risk scenarios into the cluster and walk through the detection, plus the response to each of them
  • Create and execute an SBOM for log4j (or a CVE of your choosing)
  • Deploy admission control in ‘blocking’ and ‘would block’ mode
  • Upload audit logs and right-size the top riskiest identities

Spots are limited, as this is a hands-on workshop. Register now to reserve your spot!