Image Scanning

Our powerful scanner can shed light onto your software supply chain and alert you to vulnerabilities across your images.

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Granular Image Analysis

Your security posture isn't based on clusters and workloads alone. Let us help you analyze the images running on them.

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Bring your own Registry

Container registries can be integrated into the scanner with just a few clicks, either by URL or by JSON key. You can bring any Docker or GCR registry, or even your own custom ones.

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Only Scan Deployed Images

Rather than scanning every image in your environment, we focus on the ones deployed to your clusters, letting you know about vulnerabilities that could put your running code at risk.

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Quickly Understand Criticality

Get a breakdown of each individual image’s vulnerabilities all in one view. You'll understand your software supply-chain and be able to focus on what's important to your organization.

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Analyze your Software Supply Chain

KSOC can provide insight into your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and let you trace exactly what makes up the packages on each individual cluster.

Integrating With Industry Leaders

We compare your images to the most widely-used and trustworthy vulnerability databses in the world, made by first and third party experts in cloud architecture and open-source packages.

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