Event-Based Detections

KSOC protects your assets and gives you the tools to track their security posture over time as you remediate security concerns.

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Protection and compliance, all in one place.

The KSOC rules engine protects your assets in real-time and provides a straightforward framework for remediation.


Comprehensive Protection

KSOC’s rules engine is capable of highlighting common vulnerabilities and misconfiguration that most Kubernetes environments experience, and is improving every day. You can add your own rules, too.


Automated Governance

Detection, policy enforcement, and remediation where it was meant to be: in code. By utilizing the power of GitOps, KSOC helps security teams complete the journey to “shift left”.


Track your Burndown

Every finding visualizes the total number of affected resources over time, which updates as your team works to remediate them. Burn, baby, burn.


Security Impact Analysis

Findings list each affected resource in your environment, so you and your team can analyze the blast-radius for any security concerns and act accordingly.

We make common problems a thing of the past.

Our Rules Engine helps to protect you from the most common concerns faced by the modern web's security teams.

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Worry less when your workloads are properly configured for maximum security.

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Excessive Permissions

Limit access to your resources by giving workloads only the permissions they need.

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Wasted Time

Reduce the time spent hunting across your architecture and patching vulnerabilities.

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