Automatic Remediation

With KSOC and a single click, you can automatically fix security problems in your repositories, leaving you with nothing but secure clusters.

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Powerful PRs.

KSOC can secure your clusters with a powerful remediation-as-code workflow that ties into your GitOps.

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Seamlessly Integrated

KSOC integrates with your organization’s GitHub account to provide intervention-free remediation for the most common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

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Remediate Automatically

KSOC stays up-to-date with your clusters and can automatically remediate the most common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities when they happen, all without you having to lift a finger.

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Simple Setup

Once authenticated to GitHub, simply assign a repository to each cluster you want to protect. If KSOC detects a problem, we’ll take it from there.

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Track Your Progress

Pull Requests are easily identifiable in your pipeline, and only change the code in your cluster configurations, not your apps or services.

How Does It Work?

Enabling remediation is a simple process with KSOC. Here's how you can integrate us into your GitOps workflow:


Connect KSOC to GitHub

Simply authenticate and we handle the rest.


Assign your Repos

Let KSOC know which repos belong to your clusters.


Sleep Easier

Watch as KSOC submits PRs to fix your issues.

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