Who We Are

KSOC wants to make the modern web a safer place by giving tools to security teams that make securing their containerized infrastructures easier and more effective. We are founded by some of the world's foremost security experts who have been helping enterprises to secure their environments since the inception of Kubernetes itself.

As a platform, KSOC is meant to help security teams of all sizes and backgrounds. We understand that Kubernetes is a powerful tool for orchestration, but many organizations struggle to understand and secure their environments from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and breaches. We want to help security teams by making their work easier and more comprehensive.

Our Core Values

1/8: Lead with Empathy

Whether it's for our customers, partners, community, or employees, everything we do should start with empathy. We are all a global team with a mission to help others as well as ourselves, and to create a net-positive impact on the things we influence.

2/8: Optimistically Chase Vision

Vision sets our goals and calibrates our compass. We have bold visions for the future that help us define how we will create positive change in technology and ourselves.

3/8: "Anyone Can Cook"

Great thinking can come from anywhere, and we encourage each other to share their perspectives across disciplines to innovate and ensure the best possible outcomes.

4/8: Create an Environment of Constant Learning

Every day at KSOC offers a new challenge to learn and improve. We strive to sharpen our skills: Not only in technologies, but in collaboration and creativity as well.

5/8: Be Transparent with Intentions

Clear intentions yield clear results. We are open with each other and encourage honesty in all the work we take on.

6/8: Thrive Through Focus and Autonomy

Good thinking requires space and time. We empower each other to create that space for ourselves and to have the autonomy to solve problems thoroughly for the best outcome.

7/8: Be Quick, But Don't Hurry

Our sector is one of constant flux. Experimentation and iteration place extra worth on being nimble and learning from everything we do.

8/8: Strong Opinions, Loosely Held

While our opinions come from places of strong intuition and empiricism, we challenge our assumptions and always try to find the optimal (and sometimes less-traveled) path.

The Crew

Meet the amazing team that's building the next generation of Cloud Security:

Jimmy Mesta

Co-Founder & CTO

Brooke Motta

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam LeWinter


Story Tweedie-Yates

VP Marketing

Kooper Macleay


Jason Pitzen

VP of Sales

Andrew Josephides

Security Research

Conor Mitchell


Pam Hurley


Matt Arnold

Account Executive

Max Neilson


Steve Wade


Ben Hartley


Gavin McNair


Mateusz Dyminski


Pawel Kowalak


Rafal Wicha


Jim O'Brien


Jack Zarris


Amos Jones


Liam Davitt-Beeson


Amos Jones

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