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Triage risk across your clusters in real-time

Get efficient with a prioritized, connected view of your cloud native security

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Kubernetes is the ultimate source of truth for what gets deployed 

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The Kubernetes lifecycle is real-time by default, eliminating attacker footholds and confusion created by polling intervals
Connecting risk factors across Kubernetes components eliminates noise from siloed alerts
Kubernetes’ visibility includes GitOps and guardrails as well as detection and response
Kubernetes touches Continuous Integration, the network, the public cloud, runtime, IAM permissions and more
Hardened clusters are an efficient line of defense against the blast radius of container vulnerabilities
KSOC Security Operations Center

The Kubernetes Security Operations Center (KSOC) maps a broad set of cluster components across the Kubernetes lifecycle using a real-time graph, cutting noise in half through contextualized risks, highest impact remediations and Kubernetes-first incident response.

Kubernetes Security Operations Center graphic - Mobile
Kubernetes Security Operations Center Graphic

“KSOC allows for a birds eye view perspective of the security posture of what is running in a cluster. Scanning running workloads instead of everything contained in the image registry allows teams to focus and have visibility into the security practices of 3rd party components trusted to run in the cluster. Continuous real-time security allows for prompt feedback and action.”

Frank CatucciCTO & Head of Security Research

“KSOC is a Kubernetes-first platform, meaning that it gives me and my security engineers the confidence to partner with our infrastructure engineers using Kubernetes-first paradigms, versus general infrastructure-first paradigms. If engineering is working in a Kubernetes world, we should provide a Kubernetes world for them to work in.”

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Raj UmadasDirector of Security
Group 942

The Defender's Guide to Protecting Against Kubernetes Attacks in 2023

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