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Uncover and stop active attackers in your clusters

Connected cloud native security finds blind spots in real-time

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Cloud native identity is
the top attack vector 

Can you see who is doing what in your clusters? Go beyond laundry lists of over permissions with KSOC to show actual, malicious usage of credentials
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21% Percent of breaches caused by usage of valid credentials | 11 months time to resolve a breach from compromised credentials | 75% Kubernetes attacks in 2023 relying on RBAC over permissions

Real-time context is not negotiable

Is the mean time to detection (MTTD) in your Kubernetes environment suffering from a lack of real-time context? Adapt security to your cloud native environment with real-time context from Kubernetes to the cloud
<5 minutes container lifespan | 10k deployments per day | 10 seconds time to cluster compromise

KSOC maps the broad components of Kubernetes in real-time for accurate cloud native identity threat detection, risk and  incident detection

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Get a more efficient approach to cloud native security with KSOC

98% less noise
Cloud native identity threat detection and real-time Kubernetes security context lead to
10 minutes to top risk

Reduce time to triage your top risk by days or even months

75% less code re-work for engineering
Cloud native identity threat detection and real-time Kubernetes security context lead to 
Real-time MTTD & MTTR
Stop reverse-engineering Kubernetes-targeted attacks and get real-time detection of Kubernetes RBAC and misconfiguration exploitation
6x vendor replacement
Get efficient with a connected view of risk across Kubernetes components like CI/CD, image CVEs, the network, the public cloud, runtime, RBAC & IAM permissions

KSOC supports your top priority initiatives


Bring engineering and security together with paved roads for Kubernetes security

Cloud native attack surface visibility

Fill in the cloud native security blind spots across your ephemeral Kubernetes environments

Kubernetes vulnerability prioritization

Surface your top priorities from cloud native security noise

Zero trust across Kubernetes and the cloud

Fill in the blind spots of your zero trust strategy for critical cloud infrastructure

“KSOC allows for a birds eye view perspective of the security posture of what is running in a cluster. Scanning running workloads instead of everything contained in the image registry allows teams to focus and have visibility into the security practices of 3rd party components trusted to run in the cluster. Continuous real-time security allows for prompt feedback and action.”

Frank CatucciCTO & Head of Security Research

“KSOC is a Kubernetes-first platform, meaning that it gives me and my security engineers the confidence to partner with our infrastructure engineers using Kubernetes-first paradigms, versus general infrastructure-first paradigms. If engineering is working in a Kubernetes world, we should provide a Kubernetes world for them to work in.”

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Raj UmadasDirector of Security
Group 942

Top 5 tips to avoid excessive Kubernetes RBAC permissions in 2023

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