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KSOC: Kubernetes Security Operations Center

Our platform is a true Swiss-Army Knife, with features to help your team secure your cloud architecture in any environment:

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Continuous Inventory

Keep an up-to-date inventory of your AWS, Azure, and self-managed Kubernetes environments.

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Event-Based Detections

Detect security problems in real-time and track your progress against remediating them.

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Automatic Remediation

Automatically remediate security issues in your clusters through code in your repositories.

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Image Scanning

Understand your container images and the software packages they utilize.

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Identity & Entitlements

Audit RBAC subjects and roles to ensure least-privileged access.

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Policy Enforcement

Define granular policies for all of your clusters across any Kubernetes environment.

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Standards Compliance

Maintain compliance with industry standards like CIS, NIST, NSA, and SOC 2.

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Team Collaboration

Invite your team members across disciplines and work on your security posture together.

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Kubernetes Security Posture Management at Scale

  • Full cluster and security visibility in minutes
  • Automatically remediate common security problems
  • Intelligently enforce policies, both yours and ours
  • Enforce Least-Privileged Access
  • Understand your software bill of materials

One Platform — Endless Use Cases

Automated Remediation

We don't just alert you about your security issues, we can fix them in your code. Simply plug in your repositories and KSOC can automatically submit pull requests that remediate security concerns without you having to lift a finger.

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Kubernetes Governance

Not only does KSOC have great default policies to help secure your environments, but you can define your own granular policies and our OPA engine will help you stay production-ready at scale by enforcing them wherever you define.

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Least-Privileged Access

KSOC provides tools to help you manage Role-Based Access Control, or RBAC, to ensure that your Kubernetes subjects can only access the resources that they should, and nothing more. And when a subject needs Just-In-Time access to something, we've got you covered.

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Software Supply Chain

KSOC's powerful image scanner can analyze the packages in your containers, and help you analyze your Software Bill of Materials. Understand exactly what's running and what security vulnerabilities affect it.

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Why Us?

Our platform has been built with for security practioners, by security practitioners.

Easy-Peasy Install

Within a few minutes, KSOC can give you rich oversight of your Kubernetes footprint and fix common security issues.

Designed to Demystify

Kubernetes is complex, and we're here to help. Our tools make your cloud architecture easy to understand.

Deeply Integrated

KSOC is meant to integrate with your Kubernetes platforms, CI/CD pipelines, container registries, and your in-house rules.

Amazing Support

Our support team is ready to help when you need it. Your security and experience are our top concern.


of organizations have had at least one security incident in the past year.

Rest easy knowing that KSOC is helping to secure and protect your environments.

A combination of factors are likely behind this, including a lack of security knowledge about containers and Kubernetes, inadequate or unfit security tooling, and central security teams unable to keep up with fast-moving application development teams. As a consequence, 31% of [organizations] say they have experienced revenue or customer loss due to a security incident over the last 12 months.

A recent study revealed that human error was a major contributing factor in 95% of breaches. Kubernetes and containers, while powerful, were designed for developer productivity, not necessarily security.

Not surprisingly, nearly 53% of respondents have experienced a misconfiguration incident in their environments over the last 12 months. 38% have discovered a major vulnerability, and 30% said they have suffered a runtime security incident. Lastly, 22% said they had failed an audit.

Consequently, respondents worry the most about exposures due to misconfigurations in their container and Kubernetes environments (46%)—nearly three times the level of concern over attacks (16%), with vulnerabilities as the second-leading cause of worry (28%).

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